Sustainable Whole-Of-Life Assessment Of Heavy Duty Pavement Options For Major Road Infrastructure Projects : Caleb Hayde

Sustainable Whole-Of-Life Assessment Of Heavy-Duty Pavement Options For Major Road Infrastructure Projects


1 Project Development Manager, BEng. (Hons1), TfNSW 2 Senior Pavement Engineer, BEng., Aurecon

3 Technical Director, Pavements, BEng. (Hons), Aurecon


In both the planning and detailed design phases of transport infrastructure projects, a fast-evolving set of well-intentioned sustainability parameters are being proposed for use on road pavements. These requirements have potentially significant future implications as to the types of pavement structures accepted for use, and as such, on-going maintenance, operational and end-of-life impacts.

This paper will assess and compare variability in pavement material EPD’s as well as the various sustainability metrics for typical NSW heavy-duty pavement profiles, including various forms of concrete pavements.

The key outcome of this paper is to explore the sensitivity and limitations of the various sustainability metrics in pavement design and planning decisions, to inform multi-criteria assessment of pavement options going forward.

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