Surface Grinding Concrete Pavements

Paper by WILLIS from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

The report outlines some of the perceptions and issues associated with Concrete roads, and asks if the process of Diamond Grinding is a viable solution to the refurbishment of worn concrete pavements. The paper outlines the process of Diamond Grinding for reconditioning structurally sound but worn concrete surfaces. Gives a description of the process and the types of machinery required. Describes the benefits relating to improved low speed skid resistance and reduced noise levels with test data recorded over a 36 month cycle on a number of test sections on 30 year old UK concrete pavements. These projects and results are supported by experience from the US including profiling with reference to a study by Wisconsin Department of Transport comparing accident rates on ground and unground surfaces over a 6 year period showing considerable reductions in accidents levels. The benefits are summarized and also give comment to further action and testing.

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