Surface Durability of Concrete Pavements

Paper by WENZL BECKHAUS from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

The surface (texture) of a concrete pavement has to endure the effects of traffic and the environmental load. At the Technical University of Munich, Institute for Materials and Structures the real stress from solvent, freezethaw and mechanical loads will be simulated in the laboratory as close as possible to practice and time accelerated. The changes to the texture will be recorded with a 3D surface scanner and shown as geometrical reference figures, and are oriented on a possible correlation with the most important service properties (grip and nois e emission). Due to the different effects of the fine roughness and the coarse roughness on the service properties, the macro texture (0.5mm<ë< 10 mm) and the micro texture (ë>0.5 mm) must be recorded separately. The present results show a good accordance between effects which are simulated in the laboratory and the real one.

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