Super Fast Concrete Repair System for Roads Airfields and Railways Based on a Special Cement for Infrastructure Projects

Paper by RIFFEL from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

From both an environmental and economic point of view, the availability and performance capability of infrastructure traffic areas today and in the future is of the highest priority. This applies to both public and private roads and air traffic areas, as well as for busy parking and logistics areas and railways. Normally, only short shut-off periods are available for the maintenance and repair of heavily frequented traffic areas, and for this reason, extremely quick and safely functioning quick-repair systems are necessary today. Special cements in combination with special high-performance superplasticizers form the basis for manufacturing such high-performance rapid-hardening concretes. HeidelbergCement has developed a special Portland cement in strength class CEM I 52.5 R according to DIN EN 197-1 [1] for these application cases. Regarding the alkali content (Na2O equivalent), this special cement also meets the requirements for road paving cement according to TL Beton-StB [8]. This quick-repair system can be extremely flexibly planned regarding its concrete composition, so as to enable an individual performance for the concrete manufacturer and contractor which is attuned to the respective purpose. For example, different parameters can be varied, such as types of aggregate, maximum aggregate size, grading curve, w/c ratio, consistency, fresh concrete temperature, processability time, strength development etc. As a result, it is also possible to manufacture a rapid-hardening concrete with an exposed aggregate surface texture for the repair of concrete carriageways. Up until now, numerous repairs have been successfully carried out on motorways, air traffic surfaces, logistics areas and railways.

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