Stresses Analysis of Cemented Bases on Concrete Pavement

Paper by RODOLFO BALBO from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

Traditional methods for road concrete pavements design do not take into account the structural contribuition of cemented bases and its fatigue consumption uiidei the traffic loads. Sections designed without major care about the structural reponses of those bases can develop early cracks, decreasing the structural capacity of the pavement. This paper presents a closed numerical solution for computing the maximum flexural stress on cemented bases when the concrete slab is loaded by a dual tire single axle of 100 kN; wheel loads had been considered near the transversal joint for plain concrete pavements. No bond and full contact between slab and base are supposed. On the basis of experimental relation for fatigue of a typpical cement treated crushed Stone it was allowed to define consistent thicknesses for bases as function of the forecasted number of load repetitions.

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