Stiff Concrete Paving on Minor Road Systems – Results of a National Inquiry About Mountain Roads

Paper by URSELLA from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

Our investigation was aimed at obtaining information on the road pavements of several mountain road systems subjected to limited traffic and leading to sheep-farming settlements or woodland areas managed by local mountain consortia (Mountain Communities, CM). Steeper car-track sections were found to be paved in concrete to prevent vehicles from skidding in case of bad weather (rain, snow or frost). Data illustrated in this paper have allowed us to draw a map of the sites where this type of pavement has been used as well as to get information on concrete volumes used. We have been also in a position to identify the various construction techniques and to asses whether expected performance requirements have been met. A questionnaire was circulated to about 300 mountain consortia and replies were received from about 25% of them. Road pavements, executed in variable concrete thickness (between 10 and 20 cm) and with a cement content of about 300 kg/rn 3 , show excellent durability.

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