Spanish Practice and Experience with Longitudinal Finish

Paper by JOFRÉ ALBRECHT KRAEMER from ISCR 7th 1994 Vienna Austria

Since slip-form payers were introduced in Spain in 1930, more than 1.400 km of two-lane concrete pavements have been constructed with them. A proportion exceeding 90% of the total has been provided with longitudinal finishes, using different methods: burlap, plastic-bristled brushes, metal -tined combs, etc. In all cases, surfaces with excellent skid resistance and noise levels below those recorded in othcr countries with transvere textures were obtained. However, considerable differences in rolling noise generation have been noticed depending on how the texture was applied. The durability of these textures is also worthy of mention: after an initial slight wear, skid resistance remains very satisfactory over many years. In this paper 5011w 1dIts about the uac of thoco textures in Spain are presented, as well as the main results of a recently conducted survey, where values of some surface characteristics (texture depth, noise levels, etc.) of several sections have been collected

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