Some Physical Properties of Roller Compacted Concretes Used in Road Pavement Applications

Paper by SÖNMEZ YÜCEER TA?DEMIR BAYRAMOV TA?DEMIR from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

Some physical test results available in the literature on Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) were evaluated. Most of the physical properties of RCCs such as drying shrinkage, frost resistance, abrasion, and fatigue are similar to those of conventional concrete with the same water-cement ratio. Since RCC is a zero slump concrete the roller compactors are necessary to consolidate it. The advantages and limitations of RCC were also discussed within the limit of this work. For possible use of RCC in road pavement applications, four concrete mixtures with low water-cement ratio were prepared using the same Portland cement (OPC) and the same type of ground low-lime fly ash, in which the aggregate grading of concrete, water-cement ratio, and the maximum particle size of aggregate were kept constant but the partial replacement of cement by fly ash was varied from 40 % to 70 %, in steps of 10 %. The replacement was on one to one weight bases. Although compressive strengths of concretes produced decrease significantly with increasing fly ash content, the compressive strength obtained is still greater than the minimum compressive strength, which is generally required for RCC.

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