Slipform Concrete Barrier – the Ultimate Safety Solution

Paper by ERWEE from ISCR 11th 2010 Seville Spain

The approach to using concrete as a material to form a Barrier is almost as ancient as the material itself. Through significant effort and investment, Britpave has successfully driven the directive to install concrete barrier on all motorways in the UK that carry more than 25000 vehicles per day. The method of installation is through the process of slipforming. Using this construction method which is exceptionally cost effective over long distances, designs for new uses have been developed. These include Flood Barrier and Anti-terrorism Security Barrier, both in slipform. This paper presents the concept of construction in slipform where the concrete needs to be self supporting immediately after it leaves the mould and discusses design issues that have to be addressed. Through effective design, it is possible to use one concrete barrier system to serve a multitude of functions – these benefits are presented to highlight how concrete offers the LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT solution. The purpose of the paper is to highlight how slipform concrete barriers/walls can be constructed cost effectively and provide efficient solutions to industry.

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