Slab behaviour of plain undoweled concrete pavements

Paper by SPRAETZ from ISCR 5th 1986 Aachen Germany

The behaviour of plain concrete slabs, belonging to pavements with no dowels through transversal Jo~nts, is described. The slab behaviour is observed by means of field instrumentation, measuring absolute deflections produced by environment variations (temperature and moisture), by support rigidity variations and by a controled axle load. Deformations are measured simultaneously at four points in the slab, plus a fifth point located at the other side of a transversal joint, just to measure the load transfer. It is at the same time recorded the temperature gradie~t in the 22 to 2scm-thick slab, as well as the open~ng variations of limiting joints. Once the different deformation states have been determined the internal stresses imposed by environment and traf~ fic are going to be computed and evaluated with a finite element mechanical model. The research in progress gathers field information from at least 15 different slabs representing distinct conditions of climate, traffic, foundation soils and types.of bases encountered along the country, with the aLm of calibrating deterioration models of concrete pavements. The development of these models is needed for establishing appropriate maintenance strategies of concrete pavements, as a part of a Pavement Control and Following-up Programme conducted by the Highway Deparonent of the Chilean Public Works Ministry.

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