Setting New Standards in the Construction of Flight Operation Areas in MUC 2

Paper by BITTNER from ISCR 6th 1990

The construction of the International Airport MUC 2 and especiallyof the flight operation areas in -for road designers- gigantic dimensions and short time-limit was a unique chance for the ex-perts to search for and find newstandards for tech-nique, economy and quality by an innovative fur-ther development of proven equipment and tech-niques.This report comments the new equipment andtechniques employed for the construction of ap-prox. 1.5 Mill. m2 flight operation areas in con-crete slip-form System H +W, the particularitieswhile fabricating and placing the CTS includingthe complete conduit system, the high requirementsconcerning quality and time-limit, and the resultstaken at the final acceptance.

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