Salamanca Place Hobart Restored With Interlocking Paving (Dec 1980)

CCA Road Note 12 by Cement and Concrete Association

Salamanca Place Hobart is a unique historic area dating from the 1830s, its Georgian sandstone buildings flanking a 24-metre-wide roadway built over an old wharf area originally used by the whaling fleet and shipping lines. A row of plane trees now totally define the road beyond which are the Marine Board buildings and modern wharf facilities. Salamanca Place has changed, as the traditional wharf activities have died and the old warehouses have taken on new assignments. Whilst their facades have been retained, they now function as professional offices, restaurants, an art foundation covering most facets of the arts, a pathology laboratory, art gallery, Marine Board workshop and precasting yard, taverns and, perhaps most importantly, Mo wholesale traders in fruit and vegetables, cement and fertilizers and a flour mill. As well as these diverse activities Salamanca Place hosts Hobart's open market where more than 130 stalts operate every Saturday and the roadway itself becomes a shoppers' mall.

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