Roundabouts with Concrete Pavements: Austrian Experiences

Paper by STEIGENBERGER from ISCR 11th 2010 Seville Spain

The concrete construction method is predominantly used in Austria for the high-rank road network (motorways, expressways) with heavy traffic and / or a high percentage of heavy vehicles. Re-cently, concrete pavements are also used in case of low traffic loads (track lanes, concrete paving blocks) and for roundabouts. This contribution shows the main steps from the design to the construction by means of practical examples. Particularly, the design, the requirements for concrete composition, layout - design of the joints and construction are reported. In the eastern part of Austria there was an increasing number of roundabouts built in the last years, more and more with concrete pavements. The concrete construction method will succeed, if the pavement is designed adequately and executed with high quality.

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