Roughness Condition and Rule Quality of Bicycle Lanes


The Netherlands are a flat country, where the bicycle is a good alternative for short and midrange transportation. The government tries to encourage the use of a bicycle by improving the bicycle infrastructure, thus trying to reduce movements by car. Bicycle pavements are managed at a local or county level. The governmental authorities stimulate the local authorities to improve their bicycle pavements by means of subsidizing projects in conjunction with the National Bicycle Masterplan. In the recent past, several developments have contributed to the design, pavement management and maintenance of bicycle pavements. Special emphasis has been given to the interest of the cyclist's point of view. Through panel rating cyclists were able to judge the comfort level of bicycle pavements. The comfort level of these bicycle pavements also was measured by a special device, the bicycle comfortmeter (BIRO). Cyclists especially appreciate a sound and even pavement with a fine texture. The bicycle cornfortmeter registrates vibrations at frequencies that the cyclist feels. It also logs the surface image on video-tape and has a rater keyboard for the visual condition survey. The BIRO is a good tool for the pavement maintenance manacement of bicycle lanes to the maintenance manager.

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