Roller Compacted Heavy Concrete (RCHC) for Pavement Strength and Density

Paper by ZDIRI OUEZDOU NEJI from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

In the technology of the Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) for pavement, various types of aggregations are used classically as aggregates, such as the crushed and the rolled aggregates limestone and siliceous, giving concretes with a relative density in the order of 2200 to 2300 kg/m3. In the present work, we introduce the use of the mining siderurgic aggregates type (Siderite) in preparing RCC for pavement (RCC), as heavy aggregates giving a concrete with a relative density higher than 2700 kg/m3 called Roller Compacted Heavy Concrete (RCHC). These products, used as aggregates, have benefit contributions to the mechanical strength improvement, on one hand, and an increase in the relative density of the RCHC, on the other hand. In this survey, we treat the following elements: at first, we started with the characterization of the mining area products and the other granular materials used for the manufacture of the heavy RCHC. The second step was the formulation and the determination of the constituent proportions. Then, we achieved the experimental tests of compression on cylindrical specimens type 16/32 and 15/15, prepared according to the National French Project Method BaCaRa for mixture based on the limestone and siliceous ordinary aggregates. Finally, we completed an experimental campaign by the realization of compression tests on the cylindrical specimens with the same model and prepared according to the same method but by including some mining area aggregates. The results of this work, achieved on the influence of the mining area aggregates on the mechanical strength and the density of RCC mixtures, show that these concretes develop higher strength and density distinctly superior to those of mixtures containing limestone and siliceous aggregates.

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