Roads of the Future Issues, Technologies and Potentials of Concrete PF2E Road System as an Example

Paper by GIGNOUX CHRISTORY DUBOIS from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

The long service life of cement concrete roads, as well as the new objectives of contracting authorities taking into account significant extensions in hypotheses on the design service life of roads, streets and runways, oblige the technical civil engineering community to plan much more than in the past for the expectations and needs of users 30, 40, 50 years ahead and beyond. By examining how our innovative designs today can meet the requirements of society, usage and future services, by inventing other more relevant ones, such is the dynamic within several national and European projects, for example the NR2C “New Roads Construction Concept” project. Towards the design of rehabilitation of the heavily used urban roads close to Paris, the new innovative concrete pavement solution by leveraging aesthetic and qualitative rendering, a quiet road system despite high traffic and reducing significantly air pollution will be underlined. We will show how cement concrete already has many advantages and very solid prospects to respond to the overall and systemic approach necessary, enabling it to be among the best from all the fields of technical, economic and environmental qualities required.

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