Road Safety and Surface Durability Aspects on Hungarian Cement Concrete Pavements

Paper by BENCZE from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

The ratio of cement concrete pavements has increased in the Hungarian motorway network in the last decade, and it has appeared also in the local road network. There are 15 cement concrete pavement sections with different type in Hungary. Maintenance agencies need a simple methodology for calculating surface deterioration of cement concrete pavements. The actual and measured parameters of pavement surface deterioration including the change of roughness are important road asset management inputs. Since the majority of Hungarian road funds have been spent for the construction of major roads (mainly motorways with significant transit traffic) very few attention has been paid for the management of low-volume roads. That is why the general condition of local network including its surface characteristics has become generally very poor. However, some of their road sections and junctions are highly trafficked needing special resistance to load. A possible solution here is the construction of high-quality cement concrete pavements. The road geometric parameters and the “0” measurements values can highlight an additional danger for the eventual quick deterioration of pavements. This risk can be managed more readily by road managers if they have information about the pavement deterioration.

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