Road concrete with superplasticizers

Paper by KOHOUT from ISCR 5th 1986 Aachen Germany

Road concrete made with superplasticizers has successfully been used for about ten years now. Its special features with regard to mix composition and method of placing were reported in detail at the London symposium in 1982. This method of construction is increasingly being applied in Austria: - For the maintenance and repair of concrete pavements it has already become the standard method of construction. Repairs on particularly busy roads are carried out as so-called one-day jobs, using highearly- strength road concrete with superplasticizer. - In conventional pavement construction all those slab areas wbich are awkward or impracticable to build with concreting machinery (tapered areas, widening strips, etc.) are built with superplasticized concrete. - On asphalt-surfaced roads relatively small areas subjected to service conditions of greater severity, such as bus stops, deceleration and braking sections before junctions controlled by traffic signals, etc. are provided with concrete pavements (resistant to the longitudinal f orce.s acting there) which are built with superplasticizer. - For the development and upgrading of heavily trafficked urban thoroughfares this simple construction method makes it possible to build even quite extensive concrete pavements while allowing traffic to use the road. The experience that has been gained with regard to mix composition, placing and curing superplasticized concrete has already been incorporated in the Austrian technical codes of practice.

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