Resurfacing the A6a Motorway Using Continuous Reinforced Concrete – August 1994

Paper by BAROIN ROMANO GOUX from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The section of the A6a motorway between Porte d'Orléans in Paris and the Wissous interchange (10 km to the sniith) wRr npened in April 1960 For 34 years, the carriageways of this motorway, which have had to stand "double TO" traffic (4000 heavy loads a day), and which consist of concrete slabs 28 cm thick, have undergone no major maintenance. The resurfacing method adopted and implemented between 2nd and 20th August 1994 was that of laying 22 cm of continuous reinforced concrete on spacers over a width of 11.50 in (three lanes). The operating constraints imposed by these works executed at the entrance to Paris, cutting off one of the major traffic arteries of Europe, called for the setting up of a thorough plan of campaign, both on the part of the owner (traffic control; operating schedule; information and publicity campaign) and of the companies awarded the contract (personnel and materials; keeping to schedule and meeting deadlines; instituting a quality system).

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