Results of measurements on concrete roads

Paper by BIRMANN from ISCR 5th 1986 Aachen Germany

Besides theoretical work, investigations on specimens in the l~boratory and practical tests, in-situ measurements provide the means of assessing and further developing new concrete pavement systems. It emerges that, apart from the behaviour of a c?nc7e~e pavement at an early age (random cracking), s~gn4flcant changes (e.g., sinking, opening of joints. Stepping of the slabs) develop only after several . years of t~affic and climatic action. The behaviour of various special forms of construc-tion without a frost blanket course (concrete pave-ment with cement-bound sub-base and a concrete pave-ment system with heat-insulating base) in comparisonwith that of the conventional form of constructionwith a frost blanket course is established by meansof measurements performed over a period ranging upto 10 years. The effect of the severe cold periodin January 1985 receives particular attention.On the basis of measurements and of the condition ofthe concrete carriageway it is possible to makerecommandations, especially with regard to the treat-ment of thick cement-bound sub-bases and the use ofdowel bars in the transverse dummy joints and oftie bars in the longitudinal dummy jo~ts.

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