Repair of Longitudinal Joint Between the Hard Shoulder (Asphalt) and the Right-Hand Lane (Concrete) on the a 3 Between Bertem and Landen

Paper by DE KOKER from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

Contractor VBG NV from Heusden – Zolder started the execution of the above-mentioned site in August 2005 for an amount of 2 million EUR. It concerned large-scale structural maintenance: the repair of the longitudinal joint between the hard shoulder and the right-hand lane (continuous reinforced concrete) had been necessary for some time because the damage was expanding. In many places the asphalt of the hard shoulder (50 to 60 cm next to the joint) was also showing signs of major shortcomings and the reinforced concrete was generally also affected. To prevent worsening – due to the seeping of water in the joint and erosion of the foundation under the continuous reinforced concrete, which could result in punch–out symptoms – and prolong the life of the thirty-five year old A 3, this work was a real necessity. The work ended in the spring of 2006.

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