Repair of Concrete Pavements Using High Performance Concrete

Paper by VAN FELTEN SCHMIDT ALTE from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

When heavily trafficed concrete pavements are being renewed, the work generally has to be carried out under considerable time-pressure. A newly developed, high performance repair concrete is ideally suitable for such repair work on account of its high early and final strength as well as its durability. It is produced with a new type of quick-setting cement on the basis of Portland cement. 'I'his repair concrete can be applied largely judependent of weather conditions throughout the year and wherever the traffic must not be obstructed for more than a few hours. Both comprehensive laboratory tests and practical experience have shown that this material, used in combination with an adjusted method of producing the concrete and putting it in place, is a promising alternative fou conci-ete renewals on the basis of synthetic resin or bituminous mixtures.

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