Rehabilitation Of Forestry Roads By Cement Stabilisation (Jul 1986)

CCA Road Note 24 by Cement and Concrete Association

In recent years there has been increasing usage of cement-stabilisation techniques to rehabilitate or re- cycle existing granular road pavements, providing a major service-lite extension for them at a cost much lower than that of reconstruction. This technique has now been successfully extended to include forestry roads. Following a successful project extending over 13 km of road at Batlow in the Tumut area of NSW in 1980, the Forestry Commission of NSW recently began an extensive rehabilitation programme on a major forestry road near Eden on the southern NSW coast near the Victorian border. This article provides an outline of the investigation, design and execution of the first stage of rehabilitation work over a 4-km section of road which was completed during January 1986. The work has also confirmed the general competitive cost and speed of rehabilitation by cement stabilisation compared with reconstruction over a range of road classifications.

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