Recylcing The Pacific Highway (Feb 1993)

CCA Road Note 39 by Cement and Concrete Association

Over the period October 1990 to December 1992 the Roads and Traffic Au1hority (RTA) in NSW has comDleted the rehabilitation of about half a million sauare metres of the Pacific Highway. The work has been located within sections of the Highway from Bulahdelah to the Port Macauarie area. An integral part of the rehabilitation work has been the recycling of the existing pavement by mix—in place cement s1abilisation Most of the rehabilitated highway pavement has one lane of traffic in each direction with some sections including additional climbing or passing lanes. A1 tyDical forma1ion widths, between 35 and 40 km of the highway have been rehabilitated in the above period The demands of highway traffic require greater depths of stabilisation than would be the case with Local Government roads. In an earlier case study in Road Note id the effective recycling of a thick highway pavement in two layers was discussed. In the works described in this ar ticle a single layer technique has been employed using larger mixing plant.

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