Recycling Cold-Milled Asphalt Concrete Materials as Cement Bounded Base

Paper by SION VESCHENS VERBRUGGE from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The authors present a synthesis of the results obtained on 3 test sections where cold-milled bituminous concrete has been recycled for the reconstruction of the stabilized base for medium trafficked roads. The inert skeleton for the base was made from 85% (by weight) milled material and 15% sand, this in order to get a continuous grading fitting the enveloppe prescribed by the contractual documents of the Administration. The binding material was either only cement (4% CEM 111/A 42,5-LA) , either cement (2,5%) with CaC1 2 (1,8%). The results of the laboratory tests perfomed before and after the construction are given and commented. The attention is also focused on some problems met and adopted solutions

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