Recyclable High Volume Fly Ash Pavement Concrete Using Limestone Aggregate

Paper by YOSHITAKE UENO ISHIDA TOKIKUNI FUKUMOTO from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

Fly-ash is a pozzolanic material, so it can contribute to various properties, such as strength development at mature age. The strength development at early age, however, is significantly slow and may negatively affect traffic service. Early strength may be improved when limestone filler is mixed in fly-ash concrete. In addition, the fly-ash concrete made with limestone aggregate may be recyclable as raw material for cement production. The foci of the present study are to achieve high early strength development of HVFA concrete and to develop a recyclable concrete pavement. The paper describes the flexural strength properties of pavement concrete made with 40% of cement replaced by fly ash. The test result indicates higher flexural strength development and adequate fatigue strength for pavement concrete. In addition, the study examines abrasion and skid resistances of the concrete to discuss the practical application for road pavement. The test results confirm that the HVFA concrete has almost equal performance to conventional concrete pavement.

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