Recent Research on PCC Pavements on Bridges in Czech Republic

Paper by SLANSKY from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

Skanska a.s. is one of the leading construction companies, who successfully execute concrete pavement projects in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland mostly on motorways and airports. To achieve the best quality, durability and cost-efficiency, it is needed to put an effort to research and development. Recently experts from Skanska are leading and/or are involved in several R&D project together with Technical Universities and other Research institutions. The results of the R&D projects give participants an overview about the most frequent issues connected with concrete pavements and their solutions within Czech Republic´s technical and environmental conditions. The three major projects are: ? Concrete pavement surface characteristics as the main component for traffic safety, ? Dowel bars positioning in joints of JPCP, ? Concrete pavements on bridges – safer, efficient and more durable alternative to asphalt pavement, when the adjacent road is in concrete.

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