RCC Applications in Low-Volume Roads in Spain

Paper by CARRASCÓN DIAZ JOSA from ISCR 6th 1990

The first known applications of RCC pavements in low-volume roads in Spain took place around 1969-1970. They included pavements located on housing developments, urban streets and rural roads. These applications have been increasing until now, when the technique is used in different parts of Spain and in other countries (Norway, Argentina). Until now, more than 4 million square meters of RCC pavements in low-volume roads have been laid. In order to know the behaviour of these pavements better, several experimental studies have been carried out since 1986. These studies have included, in some cases, the extraction and test of cores. In the paper, the following points are included: - Description of the materials used and the construction procedure. - Summary of the Spanish experience after 20 years of application of this technique.

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