Properties of Roller Compacted and Vibrated Concrete at Early Ages Evaluation Through Ultrasonic Energy Measurements

Paper by BOLLATI DIAZ from ISCR 6th 1990

Measurements of the energy of ultrasonic pulses as a means of establishing the relationship between the structure of material md its properties, have bcen studied during a long period of .ime in the Torroja Institute. Energy quantification of the pulse does consider all the characteristics of wave and materials. This methodology has been used to study several problems related to the continuous evolution of concrete properties at early ages, like the following ones: - The workability time of Roller Compact Concrete. - The sawn time of the joint in the concrete pavements. - The behaviour of additives in the setting of concrete. Ultrasonic energy measurement technique has been shown to be a useful method to determine the evolution of the properties and structure of early ages concrete.

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