Properties of Porous Concrete with High Strength

Paper by KAJIO TANAKA TOMITA NODA HASHIMOTO from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

In recent years in Japan, permeable asphalt pavement, with its efficient drainage and reduced tire/road noise, has seen increasing use because permits safer driving and does not create environmental problems. For this study, inorganic materials were used to make porous concrete suitable for roadway use, without the addition of polymers. This paper describes the properties of this porous concrete, including bending strength and coefficient of permeability, and the results of tests of its application for roadway use. Laboratory tests showed that when the concrete has a 50-60% m!g ratio and 15% void ratio, its properties achieved the target values of bending strength exceeding 4.5 MPa and water permeability exceeding 0.01 cmlsec; roadway tests also confirmed that a porous concrete slab made with the above mix proportions also achieved the target values.

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