Project Numerical Models and Comparison with Experimental Results

Paper by GUALA PETTERLE from ISCR 7th 1994 Vienna Austria

The present paper illustrates the experience of ITALCEMENTI S.p.A. and C.T.G. S.p.A. (former ITALCEMENTI INGEGNERIA S.p.A.) in designing CRCPs. During 1991-1 992 a slip road was built between the MONSELICE cement plant (Padua) and the state road "S.S. 10 Padana Inferiore" in order to divert heavy vehicle traffic driving to and from the plant from the town centre. Slabs with different thickness and reinforcement were placed to identify the best solution in terms of the structural performance and the actual construction costs. A finite element model computes the stress and displacement field caused by different load combinations accounting for the non-linear nature of the problem. Another finite element model was developed to assess the temperature distribution within the pavement according to varying environmental parameters and this through a transient analysis. A good agreement between calculated and measured values was found.

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