Prestressed Concrete Pavements

Paper by SERUGA SMAGA SZYD?OWSKI from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

In this paper the results of laboratory investigation preceding realization of continuous prestressed concrete pavement at Krakow – Balice Airport are presented. Three concrete slabs of dimentions 1.0 m × 3.6 m × 0.16 m were realized in the Laboratory of Technological University of Krakow. Two of them were prestressed by unbounded steel tendons 7 ?5 mm to 50 % of full prestressing force 20 hours after concreting. Full prestressing was realized 20 hours later. The concrete strains and prestressing force were monitoring over 28 days. Set of concrete samples was taken in the same time, and development of concrete mechanical properties in day-time was determined.

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