Precast and In-situ Concrete Barriers – the Complete Safety Solution for Roadsides

Paper by EDL from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

The technology of in-situ concrete safety barriers has not really changed in the last two centuries. After an extensive development and crash-test program a new generation was created recently. This is a technical report on the right way to use in-situ concrete at today´s level of technology. In the central reservation on motorways in most European countries mainly in-situ concrete safety barriers are built. These are considered to be particularly effective, because they need little maintenance, they are cost-effective and can be built quite fast. The working width, respectively the displacement of the in-situ concrete barrier in case of an impact naturally is very low and is therefore extremely advantageous. Because the in-situ concrete safety barrier is very massive and rigid, the impact severity and passenger protection in light vehicles are in a critical range and an intensively discussed issue European wide. However this disadvantage seems to be accepted due to the cost pressure in road construction and missing alternatives.

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