Pre-Evaluation of Hydro-Demolished Concrete Surfaces by Dulled Core Testing

Paper by MOMBER from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The paper contains investigations of concrete debris generated during the compression testing of drilled cores and during hydrodemolition, l3ased on sieve analyses, average diameters of the debris samples are estimated. It is found that a fairly linear relation exists between the average size of the debris generated during the compressive test and the average size of the hydrodemolition debris. Observations of the fracture areas of the samples show that the phenomenology of failure for both events is similar. In tendency, the probability of transgranular crack growth during compressive fracture as well as during the hydrodemolition increases as the energy absorption capability of the material increases. Thus, a pre-evaluation of hydrodemolished surfaces is possible based on observations during the concrete core testing

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