Practical Rehabilitation Options For an Aar Affected Jointed Concrete Pavement

Paper by STRAUSS VAN DER WALT from ISCR 6th 1990

As a result of fine cracks that initiated in the vicinity of the joints of an unreinforced jointed concrete pavement, structural failures rapidly developed under traffic. Structural failures manifested as punch outs where severe pumping at wider cracks occured and it was clear that only reconstruction or overlaying could be considered as rehabilitation options. A variety of overlay options were identified and theoretically analysed for expected useful life. Rapid evaluation of the experimental section included Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) testing and the most cost effective solution was found to be the thin asphalt concrete with bitumen rubber as binder placed on top of a bitumen rubber stress absorbing membrane interlayer (SAM!) using 13,2 mm chippings.

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