Positive Results Obtained from CRCP Projects in France (1988-1991)

Paper by AUNIS GUORIN from ISCR 7th 1994 Vienna Austria

C.R.C.P. Technology has been selected by SAPRR in France foz its overlay programme on the heavy traffic Highway A6 Paris/Lyon. This programme started in 1983 with deformed bars Fe E500 with a steellconcrete section ratio 0,67%. Considering the logistic and safety problems on <-overlay projects, SAPRR moved in 1987 to Flexarm Technology using, for reinforcement, a ribbon of high yield stress steel (800 Mpa) delivered in narrow coils of 250 in long. The steel/concrete ratio used with this Flexarm was 0.3 % for 1987-90 and 0.34 % fui 1990-92. The surface for thece Flexarm projects reaches more than 700 000 m 2. Their accurate survey from 1988-94 has shown that: - no important damage has been noticed despite a very heavy traffic with 13 tons axle load - cracking control with Flexarm, even with ratio 0.34 %, was not as good as the control with 0.67 % of FeE500 deformed bars. This difference was iiiaiiily due to the bonding between concrete and Flexarm not high enough to mobilize the 800 Mpa of the Flexarin. This led SOLLAC, producer of Flexarrn, to restate and produce a new Flexarm +, solving this problem. - Flexarm placing was possible without needing any specific, heavy and costly additive equipment to the classic slipform train. With the final equipment now available all the expected safety, productivity and quality features have been reached.

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