Pavement Design Procedures for New Construction and Rehabilitation with Overlay

Paper by CHUPIK PRILESKY SPIES from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The first part of the paper deals with the designing of rigid pavements by means of FEM. The NE10-SOILIN program uses the NE-10 finite elements composed of subelement 2D NE-10-M (tetragonal element), subelement 3D NE-I013RJCK and subsoil element. It models the Midlins slab placed on a generally multilayer structure. Under the last layer, there can still be a model 2D with two Pastemaks subsoil constants C 1 and C2 .The article indicates 2 numerical examples. The second part indicates the selected problems connected with the diagnostics of old concrete pavements to be reconstructed (numerical accuracy of hack-calculations, including the effects of temperature and thickness of layers, elasticity moduli of cement-treated layers after 20-year period).

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