Optimisation Model for Functional Properties of Concrete Roads

Paper by LÖFSJÖGÅRD from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

Concrete is a suitable material for road pavements, both technically and economically. That holds especially for roads with high traffic intensity and heavy loads. Concrete roads have several technical advantages such as high wear resistance and load bearing capacity, good durability and a bright surface. In order to make concrete even more competitive compared to other road pavement materials there is a need to optimise the different functional properties with regard to each other. A comprehensive literature survey has been conducted where the functional properties of concrete roads have been analysed. The objective of the survey was to identify and quantify the effective relationship between the functional properties and social factors, such as the environment, road user comfort, traffic safety and economy. The most important parts of the literature survey are presented in this paper. The paper also presents a proposal for an optimisation model. The model has been processed from the results from the literature survey.

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