Northern Connector – The paving journey for the first concrete pavement in Adelaide

Paper and Presentation by Jamie Egan from ASCP 5th Concrete Pavements Conference 2019

During the Northern Connector tender, concrete pavements was discussed early as an option. Our concrete pavement solution became Lendlease’s primary submission with flexible pavement as an alternative as it provided increased local content and introduced new skills for the region. Following contract award, immediate planning for detailed jointing design, raw materials, mix design trials and required skilled personnel commenced which provided confirmation that this concrete pavement solution could be delivered without risk to quality. This paper documents the differences in paving methodology, material supply and staffing when relocating paving operations from NSW to Adelaide. These differences may be considered minor however the first concrete pavement in Adelaide cannot be the last. With a Client new to concrete pavement, greater emphasis on the customer journey is required at the same time as being accountable and transparent in all our interactions.

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