Non-destructive testing of motorway concrete pavements

Paper by PAILLARD DELEURENCE from ISCR 5th 1986 Aachen Germany

The standard of serviceability of road pavements can be expressed in terms of safety for the user (skidding res is tance, riding quali ty). For highway managers a standard of structural serviceability is essential for optimizing the initial constructional expenditure and for predicting ~he time schedule for maintenance, strengthening or renewal. For concrete pavements, as for other types of pavement in France, very efficient equipment for nondestructive testing and monitoring has been developed (skidding resistance, riding quality, condition of the slabs, stepping at the joints). ~ith these resources it is possible to survey the road network in terms of structural serviceability and of serviceability to the road user. It is shown how the results as a whole can be used by a highway manager.

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