Noise Reducing Concrete Surface. a Model For Assessment

Paper by PICHLER from ISCR 6th 1990

me of the attributes required from a pavement is a noise redu-ing effect. But an optimization of this attribute without con-idering other important requirements as stability and pos-ibilities for patching, reinstatement and environmentaliaintenance is contrary to all national economic principles. Inact it is the road user who is running the system of public roadsy paying taxes or tolls and for that reason the authority has tobserve all national economic interests. The aim is to minimizele sum of costs for construction and maintenance as well asosts to road users and costs to environment. A decision about aariant of a pavement must be based on whole life costs. It isnportant to make forecasts about maintenance requirementsnd intervals for reinstatements. At last the final decisionhould be made by a capital expenditure accounting.

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