Noise Absorbing Walls

Paper by CRUZ FERREIRA from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The context resulting from the development of tfansportations and the requirements of a better accoustic confort. • Characteristics of the noise: sound speed; accoustic pressure; accoustic diagram; directiveness of the sound; accoustic spectrum. • Environment impact of the noise. Comparison of the railway and roadway noise. Most important factors that influence the noise: pavement type; traffic characteristics; traffic intensity and topography of the place. • Admissible accoustic levels; level of equivalent accoustic pressure. • Noise absorbing walls; dimensions, colour, texture, shape and setting. • Reflector and refractive walls. Some solutions - Lenticular - In a rectangular absorlioit box - Reflecting concrete - Small precast pieces - Wooden walls - Transparent walls

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