Multifunction Concrete Roadways Potericitls in Urban Areas

Paper by CHRISTORY BEURIER BONNET from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

Combating noise, disturbances and safety hazards on transport infrastructures is one of the leading preoccupations indicated by 85 % of city dwellers in industrialised countries. The road concrete industry has fully realised this real challenge for durable building and maintenance of concrete roads capable of controlling disturbances caused by urban growth, the concentration of urban activity and the use of public spaces. Institutional, regulatory and legal contexts have changed considerably in the past 5 years, for example with laws on water and noise, with town policies bades among other things on the requalification of urbain centres, and urban growth and rcsponsibility with regard to iliatiageilielit. The different forms that may be taken on today by the multifunctionality of road pavement structures will be described, as well as customarily used technologies, experimentation, innovations and research. The important question of evaluation methods will be approached.

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