Mix Design for Concrete Pavements Durability Options Based on the New European and Italian Standards

Paper by PASETTO from ISCR 7th 1994 Vienna Austria

The provisions of the European Prestandard ENV 206 "Concrete - Performance, Production, Placing and Compliance Criteria" place the accent on the qualitative requirements (physical, chemical and mechanical ones) of a durable road concrete. The theoretical life of a rigid road pavement obviously r1.pends on the design and the quality control of the mix used for its construction. Thus the properties of the aggregate, the cement, the types of admixtures, the proportions of the components are basic elements which determine the mix design of a concrete which can bear mechanical, physical and chemical stresses. Therefore, a study of the formulation of the mix is proposed on the basis of the informative criteria of the recent European (ENV 206) and Italian (LJNI 9858) standards, in order to obtain a pavement with maximum resistance to climatic and environmental attacks.

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