Mexico City Interior Loop

Paper by GARZA from ISCR 11th 2010 Seville Spain

Mexico City, one of the largest in the world, supports the traffic of more than 8 million cars. One of the main roads is the Interior Loop, with 42 km length in a 35 meter section. 110,000 cars transit daily on this loop. The maintenance of this road is under the responsibility of the City Administration, it is very complex to keep it in good condition. The loop was in very bad shape. The government budget was not enough for the reconstruction. A Public Private Partnership was the solution for this economic problem. The rehabilitation of the loop included the reconstruction of the bases. The bases were rebuilt with a fluid concrete in a 20 cm layer, and between 28 to 30 cm of a 45kg/cm2 flexural strength concrete. The winner of the bid had the responsibility to finance all the reconstruction and the maintenance of the loop for a period of five years. In 14 months of work, the reconstruction of the road was done with a very complex construction program. More than 250,000 m3 of fluid concrete and 450,000 m3 of pavement were poured in the loop, using for this eight slip-form pavers.

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