Melbournes New Concrete Road (Dec 1976)

CCA Road Note 01 by Cement and Concrete Association

Construction of a major concrete road is nearing completion at South Melbourne, for the Country Roads Board, Victoria. The total area of pavement is nearly 70,000 square metres, equivalent to 19 lane Kilometer of roadway. The road forms the southern and northern approaches to the new bridge over the Yarra River at Johnson Street, South Melbourne (see Fig. 1 ). Due for completion in 1977, the new bridge will provide a much needed direct crossing of the Yarra River between the heavy industrial and shipping areas bordering both sides of the river. The bridge also provides a crossing for north-south through traffic, wishing to by-pass the Melbourne C.B.D. When the bridge is completed, it is expected that the new link will carry over 45,000 V.P.D. , of which 25% could be commercial traffic.

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