Major Concrete Road Construction For Nsw In 1982 (Mar 1982)

CCA Road Note 16 by Cement and Concrete Association

Signfcant changes in the costs and availability of key resources, which began to occur in the 1970s and are continuing in the 1980s, together with reassessments of the effects of traffic loads, particularly heavy traffic, are seeing reviews of the types of pavements and their design by road authorities in Australia. Concrete pavements are becoming increasingly competitive on first cost as well as long term costs in many situations. These include those roads carrying heavy truck traffic or where low strength subgrade soils are encountereĀ‹4. Current engineering design methods for concrete pavements are included in NAASRA and DMR (NSW) design publications. By virtue of its usage over many years the jointed reinforced pavement has been the traditional form of concrete pavement specified in Australia and continues to play a significant role for both State and Local Government authorities. With the benefit of knowledge of relevant contemporary overseas experience and practice, road authorities are introducing other concrete pavement types.

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