Macro Synthetic Fibres – Potential Uses in Pavements [MSFRC]

Presentation by Daniel Lee (Arcadis) from ASCP Forum November 2020

Presentation Overview

  • What are Macro Synthetic Fibres
  • Review of Current Practice (Global, National, Domestic & SRAs/DoTs)
  • Current and potential applications
  • Recommendations

What are Macro Synthetic Fibres?

  • Available commercially since the early 2000s
  • Intended to be used as a replacement for steel mesh reinforcement and not for structural steel design.
  • Manufactured from polymeric material such as polyolefin e.g. polypropylene or polyethylene, polyester, nylon, pva, polyacrylic, aramids and blends of them.
  • Fibre classification:
    • Class Ia: < 0.3 mm diameter, mono-filamented
    • Class Ib: < 0.3 mm diameter, fibrillated
    • Class II: > 0.3 mm diameter
  • Tensile strength of polymers range from 100 โ€“ 650 MPa
  • Elastic Modulus of 2 โ€“ 10 GPa
  • Dosage rates range from 2 โ€“ 10 kg/m3

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