Low-Noise Surfacing on Concrete Roads

Paper by VEER DOUÉ from ISCR 6th 1990

he Utrecht-Amersfoort motorway (A28) was constructed with onreinforced, lightly brushed cement concrete with dowels. r1easurements taken in 1987 indicated that the level of noise nconvenience to the surrounding area exceeded the legally per-ritted standard. In 1988 a 3,500 m stretch of the road was firstround until it was even, then the epoxy resin was applied andinally the surface was covered whith Durop 3/4. Measurementsaken at 7.5 m and 15 m from the road indicated that a reductionf 7 dB (A) had been achieved. The noise emission from theoad surface is therefore the same as the emission from poroussphalt concrete.

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