Local Government Path Paving by the Slip Form Method

Paper by BOERE from ASCP 6th 2021 Online

Concrete path paving for pedestrian commuting is visibly abundant in all towns and cities especially in the newly establish residential estates across Western Sydney. Primarily the norm is to have the path paving completed by the conventional hand place methods under local government supervision. This paper will outline the trials and experiences of JK Williams Contracting (JKW) over the past 9 years, completing light duty concrete path paving using the slipform method, where permitted by developers and local government. Gaining acceptance from local councils has proven challenging due to the change in design from the traditional specifications by excluding the requirement for steel mesh when using the slipform method. Despite only a luke-warm reception from a majority of local councils, we will continue in our pursuit of securing acceptance across all municipals. Penrith City Council has been the exception

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